scoutgender replied to your post: “did u mean to tag ‘trypophobia’ ? cause i dont think ‘tyrophobia’ is a thing idk„ 0_0”:
its okay !! just wanted to make sure 0: i’ll reblog the fixed version cause its nice as f*ck ………..

oomg yea thank u noone has ever pointed this out to me before x_x and thank u !!

did u mean to tag 'trypophobia' ? cause i dont think 'tyrophobia' is a thing idk,, 0_0

Holy Shit ive been misreading it for this long SORRY

girl who loves aliens and thinks she might be one..she runs a blog about swamps and owns lots of stickers and clothes with alien faces on them

hello friend. i am shy. i feel a lot like your swamp monster. you are good at art thank you for being lovely. -MT

aw im glad ur enjoying the content swamp friend!!! thank you !!

batter up

bite down

long time no see

commission for mikotaur!! this was so fun to do, plus probably the first time ive drawn a centaur O—:

i hope you like it as much as i liked making it!! \m/ also i have a transparent version if u have any use for that

im dfab so dont reblog this but note to all other dfab ppl thinking about making trans femme Headcanons of characters that arent portrayed as that in canon 

  1. unless ur really sure what ur doing, Dont
  2. make sure youre not just clouded by cissexism & transmisogyny when ur deciding to interpret a ‘canonically male’ character this way
  3. make an au instead. make an oc. please emphasize the separation between your interpretation and the canon because otherwise ppl who dont know your whole world of headcanons and reinterpretations will be Seriously grossed out
  4. Dont Do It just make an oc Dont Do It

still enamoured with indian ink