its the gang

what the fuck is this?? im trying to have my coffee, get off me you mongrel

cant believe it

scoutgender replied to your post: “did u mean to tag ‘trypophobia’ ? cause i dont think ‘tyrophobia’ is a thing idk„ 0_0”:
its okay !! just wanted to make sure 0: i’ll reblog the fixed version cause its nice as f*ck ………..

oomg yea thank u noone has ever pointed this out to me before x_x and thank u !!

did u mean to tag 'trypophobia' ? cause i dont think 'tyrophobia' is a thing idk,, 0_0

Holy Shit ive been misreading it for this long SORRY

girl who loves aliens and thinks she might be one..she runs a blog about swamps and owns lots of stickers and clothes with alien faces on them

hello friend. i am shy. i feel a lot like your swamp monster. you are good at art thank you for being lovely. -MT

aw im glad ur enjoying the content swamp friend!!! thank you !!

batter up

bite down

long time no see